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Meet Jeff J. Romney,
The founder of UNIVERSAL TECH ASSOCIATES, and the driving force behind the widespread success of the Company. Jeff is also an Industry-expert, with multiple skillsets and expertise in a multitude of different sectors.
Jeffrey J. Romney

Jeffrey J. Romney is the current CEO of MedWorldOne, a company that specializes in the sales and distribution of recertified used, expired, or nearly expired hospital, laboratory, and other medical equipment and disposable supplies.

Jeff is also the founder of Universal Tech Associates, a consortium of high-power global partnerships working with emerging technologies in the current global marketplace. In partnership with Wirthlin Worldwide, the exclusive worldwide strategic partner for Dentons (the largest law firm in the world), they primarily focus on bringing innovative solutions from the United States to the International marketplace.

Wirthlin Worldwide specializes in acquisitions, mergers, licensing, JV’s, and Crisis Management, and have been operating in the industry for more than 20 years, catering to administrators of countries as well as executives in major international corporations. This has allowed Universal Tech Associates (and by extension Jeff Romney) to be able to reach out to the decision-makers in major corporations, and significantly reduce the time of sales-cycles through the building and utilizing of trust relationships.

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Universal Tech Associates is equipped with the necessary definitive criteria and resources including successful case studies, positive ROI, ability to scale, proprietary or patented products, and solutions that have a barrier to entrée. This has helped Universal Tech Associates to determine potential companies that have an absolute differential advantage.

Currently, Universal Tech Associates is involved in the fulfillment of solutions with the government of Japan, Honda International, and Raymond James ( just to mention a few ).

Other notable achievements of Jeff include

Co-founder of Nightingale College School of Nursing. Established in 2012, the Nightingale College School of Nursing is a distance learning-accredited nursing college for RN’s and BSN’s, which partners with hospitals to utilize their equipment and facilities for clinical functions. With the primary focus on higher learning in health care professions, Nightingale College contributes to elevating education, health, and employment systems through the facilitation of academic achievement, personal growth, and professional development of its learners, alumni, and collaborators, while serving diverse communities. This innovative and unique delivery online/hospital partner system has 25 current locations, with ongoing plans for multiple others to open in the near future.

Founder of Romney Marketing, a firm that specializes in marketing solutions and acquisition campaign businesses. The services offered by the company include marketing, consulting, sales, and sponsorship management. Romney Marketing has been successfully operating in the industry for over 30 years and includes a clientele that features some of the current and former wealthiest investors in the Western United States and beyond international borders. Romney Marketing has also been involved in the publishing of specialty hotel books, magazines, programs, and sporting events (including the pre-Olympic) that are funded through sponsors.

Served as a past member of the United States Olympic Committee. As a member, Jeff made a number of valuable contributions that were influential towards bringing the Olympics to Utah.

Co-founder and CEO of Powerflex International, a company that specializes in the innovation, development, and manufacturing of fitness products. Powerflex International has manufactured and developed some of the first fitness bands and strength training home products with several patents.

Skills & Expertise

Over a career spanning more than 3 decades, Jeff Romney has been able to develop a number of skills and has become an expert in a number of different fields including:


Online Advertising

Account Management

Market Research


Sales Process


Direct Marketing


Lead Generation

Social Media

Interpersonal Skills



Email Marketing

Public Speaking

Business Development

Small Business


Strategic Partnerships

Business Strategy

Event Management

Digital Marketing

Social Networking

Social Media Marketing

Business Planning

B2B Marketing

Marketing Communications

PPC Marketing

Marketing Management

Digital Strategy

Online marketing solutions (video)

Jeff Romney has an ever-increasing passion for peace, health, and happiness, which is fueled by his constant desire to make a difference. A father of 5, Jeff likes to spend as much time as he can with his family. His other interests include tennis, basketball, hiking, biking, running, boating, and skiing. Jeff also donates a great deal of his time to the community, making all the efforts he can to make valuable contributions.

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